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  • Unbeatable drought tolerance-uses 38% less water than Tifway and is more drought tolerant than Celebration, Latitude 36 , TifGrand and all other tested bermuda grasses. 
  • Cold tolerant                                                 
  • Fine texture                                                         
  • Early spring green up                                             
  • Excellent fall color retention           
  • ​​Water savings example for

         TifTuf vs Tifway 419  


          5000 square foot lawn

          avg. 1/2 inch per week irrigation

          Annual water savings                                                 30,795 gallons 

           TifTuf saves water & money!


​​38% less water 

TifTuf Texas Drought Tolerant Bermuda grass

  • Exceptional density with higher sod tensile strength  in spring and fall                                               
  • TifTuf maintained 95% more green cover then Tifway 419 in drought studies

Click on the youtube video to watch Dr.Brian Schwartz discuss drought tolerant TifTuf bermuda grass. 

TifTuf Texas Drought Tolerant Bermuda Grass

Tiftuf Texas Drought Tolerant Bermuda Grass for sale in Dallas , Austin, San Antonio , Houston and everywhere inbetween 

  • ​Superior wear and  traffic  tolerance over Tifway, Celebration and all other tested bermuda grasses                              
  • Significantly reduced input requirements                                                                                             
  • Rapid recovery from competition   
  • Early results show better shade tolerance then celebration and substantially better than Tifway 419